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Remove TLSSocket (now in Mbed OS 5.11)

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......@@ -143,12 +143,21 @@ for (size_t ix = 0; ix < req->get_request_log_buffer_length(); ix++) {
## Integration tests
Integration tests are located in the `TESTS` folder and are ran through [Greentea]( Instructions on how to run the tests are in [http-example](
## Mbed OS 5.10 or lower
If you want to use this library on Mbed OS 5.10 or lower, you need to add the [TLSSocket]( library to your project. This library is included in Mbed OS 5.11 and up.
## Tested on
* K64F with Ethernet.
* NUCLEO_F411RE with ESP8266.
* ODIN-W2 with WiFi.
* K64F with Atmel 6LoWPAN shield.
* DISCO-L475VG-IOT01A with WiFi.
* [Mbed Simulator](
But this should work with any Mbed OS 5 device that implements the `NetworkInterface` API.
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