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......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ Since this tutorial uses the ZCU104 Quad-Camera + ML platform you will see refer
# Prerequisites
+ Linux host machine
+ <a href="">GStreamer</a>
+ 2019.2 Xilinx tools
+ <a href="">ZCU104 Quad-Camera + ML Platform</a> (or other Xilinx ML development platform with GStreamer installed)
......@@ -97,6 +98,8 @@ This section describes how to add Vitis-AI-Library support to an existing PetaLi
cd ..
**NOTE:** You may see a warning indicating ``gst-indent: command not found``. As long as the plugin ``.c`` and ``.h`` file are created then it should be okay.
- The face and person detection plugins will process video frames in-place instead of copying data from an input buffer to an output buffer. Remove references in the plugin template code to the ``tranform_frame()`` function, but make sure to leave the references to ``transform_frame_ip()``. The following commands will delete the lines of code that set the ``transform_frame`` function in the ``class_init()`` function.
sed -i '/video_filter_class->transform_frame = /d' vaifacedetect/*.cpp
These scripts are for use with the Vitis-AI v1.2 ZCU104 pre-built SD card image. They have
not been tested on other platforms.
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